How to not be a shitty marketer during a global pandemic
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How to not be a shitty marketer during a global pandemic

I’m a marketer, I market things.

I’m also a human being, like the rest of you.

That means we don’t do shitty things if we can avoid it. Especially right now. Here are a few tips to not fucking forget while doing your normal marketing things.

  1. Whatever shitty coupon you put together right now will not help your businesses.
  2. Giving someone a 14-day trial extension on their free trial in the name of “helping out during this global crisis” is garbage.
  3. Do not try to shoe-horn your product into the conversation.
    1. If you run an AR make-up company, this is not your ride. Get off.

Promotions you can run if your company has a relevant product:

  1. Give students free access while school is cancelled
  2. Give first responders and other medical professionals free access
  3. Give people money, grants, pay for their business expenses, pay for their ads.
  4. If you’re a thought leader on any of the following subjects prior to the pandemic you can leverage it a bit by sharing stuff:
    1. Remote work
      1. That’s it. There are no exceptions.
        1. If your previously in-office company writes a pat-themselves-on-the-back-since-they-downloaded-zoom blog post on how they are transitioning to a remote work environment, don’t fucking shove it in everyone’s face via email, reddit, paid ads, etc. No one gives a flailing shit about it.

Before you run a COVID-19 promotion, which you almost certainly should not do and I can’t believe that needs to be said, ask yourself this question:

Will this promotion genuinely help people that are in need?

If not, it’s not the time. Sit this one out.

Here are a few examples of this being done well:

Facebook pledges $100 Million to help Small Businesses

Basecamp’s CEO offers free access to the project management tool

Mira Beauty offers free money to those in need

Zoom provides free access to students

Hope this helps. Don’t be shitty. Stay safe everyone.

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